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Ways to help

Early intervention is one of the best ways to counteract the effects of witnessing abuse. Ways to help children who have witnessed domestic abuse include:

  • Arrange school age children to receive counseling from professionals at their school, often school counselors.
  • Experiment with various types of counseling: play therapy, peer support groups, anger management classes and safety programs to teach kids how to extract themselves from dangerous situations.
  • Help children find a loving and supportive adult to introduce to the child and encourage the child to spend as much time regularly with the adult. This may include a trusted family member or community advocate. Family Violence Defense Fund reports that the single most important ingredient to help children heal and develop resiliency is the presence of a loving adult.
  • Provide a safe environment that does not include violence in any form after a child has witnessed domestic violence.
  • Find ways to discipline that do not involve hitting, name-calling, yelling, or any form of verbally aggressive behavior.
  • Help children create a sense of safety by having scheduled routines, such as regular meals and homework times.

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