How to talk to kids about the election 

So a lot of kids were shook up by the election results today. Here is a letter I received from my national organization NASP. 

Dear Fellow NASP Member, 

Today has been a day of many emotions. The NASP office and I have received numerous calls and emails from members across the country supporting students who are fearful, anxious, and feeling at-risk given the divisive tenor of the campaign. Unfortunately many schools saw negative behaviors and reactions toward minority and other students today.

I want to thank NASP members for reaching out to us for guidance and for all you are doing to support students, educators, and families. It is so imperative that we come together regardless of our own views, and unite for a safe and caring climate and community for all. We hope you find this guidance document helpful. 

Please know that we are here to help and support you. 


Melissa A. Reeves, PhD, NCSP

This is the attachment she added:

NASP Guidance for Reinforcing Safe, Supportive and Positive School Environments for All Students
Our local High School Principal sent this message out:

Subject: election reactions – what do we tell the students?

Good Morning Grizzlies,
The results of this election may be very emotional for our students and for ourselves. But I am constantly moved by the support, empathy, and compassion of our school community. I have great faith in our team’s ability to guide students who may be feeling affected by yesterday’s election. If anyone is interested in some guidance for student discussions, I found this article to be useful. 
(See the “What do we tell the children” article below.)

Other resources 

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