Check in Check Out (CICO) a tool to help set expectations and improve classroom behavior

Students can be motivated to improve classroom behaviors if they have both a clear road-map of the teacher’s behavioral expectations and incentives to work toward those behavioral goals.  This modified version of Check-In/Check-Out (CI/CO) is a simple behavioral intervention package designed for use during a single 30- to 90-minute classroom period (Dart, Cook, Collins, Gresham & Chenier, 2012). The teacher checks in with the student to set behavioral goals at the start of the period, then checks out with the student at the close of the period to rate that student’s conduct and award points or other incentives earned for attaining behavioral goal(s).

First Step: Make a behavior report card for your student needing extra TLC.

Generic Behavior Report Card

Custom Behavior Report Card

Procedure. During any class session or other evaluation period when CI/CO is in effect, the teacher follows these 3 steps:

  1. Check-In. At the start of the class session, the teacher meets briefly with the student to review the behavioral goals on the Behavior Report Card and to provide encouragement. The teacher also prompts the student to set a behavioral goal on at least one of the target behaviors (e.g., “Today I will not leave my seat once without permission.”).

  2. Monitoring/Evaluation. During the session, the teacher observes the student’s behaviors. At the end of the session, the teacher rates the student’s behaviors on the Behavior Report Card.

  3. Check-Out. At the end of the class session, the teacher again meets briefly with the student. The student reports out on whether he or she was able to attain the behavioral goal(s) discussed at check-in. The teacher then shares the BRC ratings. If the student has earned a reward/incentive, the teacher awards that reward and praises the student. If the student fails to earn the reward, the teacher provides encouragement about success in a future session.

Materials: How To: Manage Problem Behaviors: Check-In/Check-Out

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