Dr. Ellen Langer on Mindfullness and Mindlessness

So, as you may or may not know I am addicted to Krista Tippitt’s podcast On Being. She recently interviewed Dr. Ellen Langer on Mindfulness and Mindlessness. I was expecting something deeply connected to Buddhism with some science. This was not the case. Come to find out that for 35 or so years Dr. Langer has dedicated most of her studies toward Mindfuless and Mindlessness experiments.

The key features of what I liked about this very worthy subject is that language and perspective can largely effect us and the outcomes we seek. She proves through science that if we think in terms that reflect the positive nature of the actions we take, many of negative side effects tend to disappear. She suggests that if we allow ourselves to notice new aspects of people or topics it helps to keep our world fresh and open to possibilities, which in turn keeps our brains more in-tune and happy for lack of a better explanation.


Here is a video that is equally as engaging as the podcast:

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