Kids need breakfast before school

An emerging body of research is documenting the adverse effects of skipped breakfast on various aspects of cognitive performance: alertness, attention, memory, processing of complex visual display, problem solving, and mathematics. – Basch, 2011

Research laundry list of benefits of eating and draw backs of not eating breakfast and the effects on learning.

Great Article: Does Eating Breakfast Affect Children’s Learning?

Pick the right cereal: How much sugar is in your cereal?

1 thought on “Kids need breakfast before school

  1. Breakfast is an essential part of our day! I always make a healthy breakfast for my family. Last year I was teaching at a Jr. High school and most of my kids did not eat breakfast & if they did it was high sugar cereal or toaster pastries. It is sad to see kids stuck in a society where food is more food like products. Even our schools breakfast was very high sugar options, nothing healthy.


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