Role Modeling for Resilience

Kids do what we model for them. This commercial is an extreme representation of bad role modeling called “Children See. Children Do.” It does represent how our behavior as adults model behavior for our children. (VIDEO is not for the squeamish).

What is resilience?

Resilience is a dynamic process wherein individuals display positive adaptation despite experiences of significant adversity or trauma. This term does not represent a personality trait or an attribute of the individual (Luthar et al., 2000; Masten, 1999; Rutter, 1999, 2000). Rather, it is a two-dimensional construct that implies exposure to adversity and the manifestation of positive adjustment outcomes. Source

Life can be challenging and may include many stressful situations. Parents and children can feel overwhelmed by different things at different times like:

Stressful situations

In times of need kids may need outside and inside supports:

inside and outside supports

Focus on developing multiple facets of developing a child’s sense of self in the world.

Take-The Resiliency Quiz

Cool concept: The Resiliency Doughnut

Great article on resiliency: Hard-Wired to Bounce Back- By Nan Henderson

Resources for Parents

Parenting Resilient Children at Home and at School



40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents – —

10 phrases you hear in resilient families: are you using them?

Explanatory style—thinking habits that affect our resilience

Great PowerPoint: Raising Resilient Children

Hopeful TED talk.

Talk for Educators:

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